Major health benefits of Chakki Atta

Atta is a tropical crop. It is a staple in kitchens across the world and is the primary ingredient that is used in the making of any bread. The expression “whole”, in the context of wheat flour, is quite popular nowadays. Whole wheat flour, as well as whole grains of wheat literally mean the entire […]

7 Reasons to eat more Pasta

Pasta has been a family’s favourite food for many years – long enough that many people still ask where the pasta originated from. Although if we study the long history of Pasta, it is evident that it was consumed by many different cultures over a wide range of times. Even though pasta is used in […]

All Things to Know About Maida .

Maida, also referred to as all-purpose flour or refined flour, is created from wheat grains after casting off the covering. It is then refined and bleached in the mill. It could be shocking for some people, but it is prevalent in Indian delicacies, mainly for numerous Indian loaves of bread. It is typically utilized in […]

5 Lip-Smacking Poha Recipes You Must try in 2021

Poha is the local Indian name for flattened rice. The rice is first parboiled, and then it is rolled and flattened to make poha. Poha is made both industrially and by local people. Due to that, poha could be of varying thickness and sizes, depending on the pressure applied on it and the quality of […]

Top 3 delicious besan recipes you must try

Besan, also known as chickpea flour or gram flour, is one of the most common ingredients that is used in Indian kitchens. It is basically made from chana dal and is often used to make a variety of pakoras in Indian cuisine. There are a plethora of dishes that you can make with besan. This […]

Interesting Facts About Macaroni

Macaroni is another form of the Italian word maccheroni, it originated from the Latin macerare. The phrase refers to bruise or crush; as crushing wheat is how pasta is made.In the carb-dominated Indian diet, Italian cuisine is reaching new heights as Pasta becomes very popular among Indians. As the packed two minute noodles market reaches […]

The Amazing Nutritional Facts About Sooji

Sooji is one of the most versatile and healthful grains known by Indians. It is utilized in many Indian dishes, however, south Indians use it substantially more, for breakfast to dinner and even the desserts are made of Sooji. Dosa and upma are of the most cherished among the South Indian recipes, which can be […]

10 Astounding Benefits Of Besan In Life

Loaded with fiber and nutrients, Besan is a staple in every Indian household. It is also known as gram or chickpea flour and is used to prepare many delicious Indian snacks. Chickpea flour can also be used as an alternative to wheat flour. In some sauces and gravies, it blends well and gives a nutty […]