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Major health benefits of Chakki Atta

Atta is a tropical crop. It is a staple in kitchens across the world and is the primary ingredient that is used in the making of any bread. The expression “whole”, in the context of wheat flour, is quite popular nowadays. Whole wheat flour, as well as whole grains of wheat literally mean the entire grain, which is consumed for food. Whole wheat atta therefore includes the bran, its husk and germ, and the endosperm, along with the grain.

Whole Atta is a great source of manganese, fiber, and magnesium.The wheat grains are crushed in a mill and transformed into flour. As such, the whole grain maintains its health value as a healthy flour.

Wheat atta is available in two varieties: refined and Whole. The obvious distinction between them is apparent by the color of the atta, or wheat flour. The refined wheat flour appears white and has a fine texture. Whole wheat atta however is usually a bit brown in appearance and slightly rough in texture. If a grain of wheat is processed and polished to grind into flour, nearly 40% of it’s nutritional value decreases. This is why refined wheat attas composed of polished grains, are lower in nutritional value.

Whole wheat atta consumption can affect the overall health of our health, which includes hair and skin. Let us dive into some of the health benefits of Chakki atta –

1.) Whole wheat atta is rich in selenium, an antioxidant that is a vital element in the skin’s health to fight off skin infections and to prevent the onset of cancer. It also aids in preventing dryness on the skin and keeping wrinkles at low. Because dry hair can cause dandruff, selenium is proven to be beneficial for the health of our hair as well. It helps prevent dry scalp, and reduces the risk of developing dandruff. Selenium also can be converted to selenoproteins. This is a way to promote new hair growth and prevent loss of hair.

2.) Whole wheat atta is high in fiber. This feature of the flour offers multiple advantages. One of them is that the fiber that is present in all wheat atta assists the body to eliminate the toxins in the organs of the body. A healthy system is a step in the right direction to overall health of the body, which includes hair and skin.

3.) Whole wheat atta is a zinc high-quality flour. The Zinc found in the flour is a vital mineral for the skin containing therapeutic properties. The mineral’s properties are utilized by the skin for its well-being. Another function of Zinc is the regulation of the oil glands within the body. Overproduction of oil can cause breakouts, such as acne, that appear on your skin. Therefore, a balanced dose of Zinc from whole wheat atta as well as other sources of food, helps the skin keep blemish-free.


Whole wheat flour impacts our well-being in the most beneficial way because of its high fiber content. Additionally, whole atta also has selenium, which has the capability to combat free radicals that are present in our body because of the antioxidant qualities it has.

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