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5 Lip-Smacking Poha Recipes You Must try in 2021

Poha is the local Indian name for flattened rice. The rice is first parboiled, and then it is rolled and flattened to make poha. Poha is made both industrially and by local people. Due to that, poha could be of varying thickness and sizes, depending on the pressure applied on it and the quality of rice chosen to make the Poha. Poha is majorly eaten by people in India and some other South Asian countries. There are a multitude of recipes that could be prepared using Poha, from breakfast to dinner.

This article will give you five amazing Poha recipes from different parts of India to give your tastebuds a new sensation that they won’t be able to resist.

Kanda Poha From Maharashtra

The taste of Onions and Poha mixed with some masala, lemon juice, peanuts, and sev will give your tastebuds a delectable feel. As the name suggests, a lot of Kanda/onions is mixed into this poha to provide it with an intense and crunchy feeling, which is then garnished with almonds and yellow sev to make it even more crunchy. Kanda poha can be served with any chutney, and other things could be added to the mix. Poha is versatile and goes with a lot of things.

Indori Poha

This poha is loaded with onions, masala, sev, and things that make it taste like a recipe from Heaven itself. Indori poha is a simple recipe to make. It requires only a few ingredients to spruce up the taste. However, the thing that sets it apart from other poha recipes is the addition of special jeeravan masala from Indore.

Tari Poha From Nagpur

It is a combination of healthy carbs and protein that makes it a nutritious and amazing snack for everyone, and despite being healthy, it is utterly delicious. Tari Poha is very popular among people in Nagpur. It’s served with tangy masala gravy, which is known as Tari. Thick Poha, finely chopped onion, mustard seeds, cumin seeds, curry leaves, chilies, sugar, and salt are used to make this heavenly Poha by the people of Nagpur.

Curd Poha From Bihar

The Curd Poha recipe is as simple as it could be. It is perfect for the lazy days when you wake up late and don’t feel like cooking anything. Just add some Poha to a bowl, add curd and sugar, Mix it together, and it’s ready!

Khara Avalakki From Karnataka

This poha recipe is loaded with carbohydrates and proteins. Made with onion, ginger, mustard, chana dal, white urad dal, and salt, this is a recipe that is going to give you a blast of spices in your mouth, and you’ll want it every day since then. Khara Avalakki is garnished with coriander leaves and is eaten with coconut chutney.

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